Friday, 3 October 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for conversations about curves inspired by Jourdan Dunn.

Marks and Spencers often provides a source of inspiration for me. I heart their clothing and would much rather dig around their stash of clobber for an hour and purchase a £79 trench coat than spend the same amount of time in Oxfam only to come out with a granny batwing jumper with gold sparkles on that all the 18 year old girls of Birmingham are sporting.

But today, as much as their clothing was yummy, it was the location of the sandwich fridge area that caused a rather fabulous conversation. At one side of me was a stand of magazines (everything from Heat to Top Santé to Woman's Own to Cosmopolitan) and at the other side was a fridge featuring calorific lunchtime treats. I opted for a copy of Vogue and a banoffee dessert.

I was VERY happy to see the gorgeously gorgeous Jourdan Dunn on the cover of November 2008 British Vogue. She's beautiful, enough said. The banoffee dessert is beautiful. Ahh, if only there was some sort of Jourdan Dunn dessert invented and then I'd be in Heaven.

My mother commented on how young Ms. Dunn looks and how skinny she is. After watching Channel 4's tear inducing "Dana: The Eight Year Old Anorexic" last night, she had a point but I wish not to debate the fashion industry and their ill looking clothing models. I'm a fat bird, I'm always going to think they're too skinny, aren't I? My mother smiled at my bootylicious bottom (covered by grey wide-leg pants today) and then looked at the chosen dessert. This then sparked a conversation about when I was interning at a women's magazine some time ago and came across two women in the (AMAZING) company restaurant. The two women, dressed like Topshop and Marni had thrown up on them after too much vodka, shared a plate of lettuce. I wish I was joking.

So today we celebrate beauty- whether you're a very thin supermodel or a round apple shape like moi. Personally, I'd rather miss out on a Primark tea dress if it means that extra slice of four cheese pizza at Pizza Hut, but each to their own.

Today I've selected a curve loving dress available from Net-A-Porter, some yellow tights (why not?!), Marni shoes to make sure the only wobble in my legs is because I'm struggling to navigate said heels after four glasses of rosé, a cute Topshop owl brooch and, for the hell of it, a brocade vintage bag.