Thursday, 9 October 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for hanging on the telephone.

I sighed lots today. Why oh why must you keep me hanging on the telephone? Why must you say you'll ring back at a certain time and never do? Why must you ignite the over crazed worrier in me and make me thinking of everything from you being taken away by a unicorn to you having an affair with Paris Hilton?

That's the apparent art of modern day technology though, isn't it? You can get hold of anyone via means of text message or calling them on their mobile but it breeds a certain amount of anxiety. It's true! Suddenly your significant other doesn't reply to a text for 24 hours and you're worried they've run off with the whole cast of Hollyoaks/Simon Cowell/Boris Johnson (the latter is a serious worry for my other half, I'll have you know!). You wonder if the non-replying person has had an accident, if they've suddenly fled the country after being involved in a crime or whether they've been kidnapped by aliens or Girls Aloud.

Slow down! He/she is fine. They've been in a really long and important meeting all day and couldn't get a signal on the train. They love you very much but they have more important things to do in work time than reply to your "Hiya Love, what do you fancy for tea?" text message.

Still, it isn't by half annoying when you can't get through. So today we're all about slouchy comfort for when you're phone is fixed to your ear like you'd fix Gerrard Butler to your lips. And when you finally do get through and feel like an idiot for panicking so much? A sharp coat and killer heels for stomping about town.

Forever21 provide one of the only reasons I want to visit NYC so I've used one of their simple striped tops with a pair of DKNY wool pants. Tuck your top into the trousers for true high-waist chic sailor girl style. Add a nautical belt and a Bottega Veneta bead necklace which I've fallen in love with. When it is time to go out, slip over this Fendi trench coat and Topshop heels and grab this yummy clutch to take the outfit from day through to night.