Saturday, 25 October 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for being proud of her best friend.

My best friend is fabulous! I know everyone is bound to say that about their best boy or girl but my cute little button of a best mate deserves all the XBox games, takeaway pizzas and snuggles in the world!

My Weepsie never fails to surprise me- from waking me up on a morning with phone calls to tell me I smell, to serenading me with made up songs and writing me stories about snails named George. If you're ever in need of a creative and rather gorgeous Essex boy, give him a call!

I honest would be lost without him. Most friends are lucky if they speak once a week but Paul and I are never off the phone to one another and tend to speak about five times a day. My boyfriend doesn't mind one bit and has often been around when Paul and I have been having a good old gossip about birds and er...seals.

So, how chuffed was I today to be told that my darling one-time boyfriend of two and a half years had won an award? Hurrah! My best friend, the shy and timid bloke with a love for dumplings and darts, was tonight awarded the "Best Fielder" prize within his local cricket team at a fancy do. Well, Mr. Weepsie, I love you! I can't wait to see him soon and smother his face with loads of kisses. I am proud!

Dressing For is today for having fun and spinning round in circles with your best one. Sure, it's a little silly and out there but it's perfect for a tea party on the living room carpet for 2. We'd make sure we had dumplings at ours. I adore this t-shirt, I'm not sure where it's from to be honest but it is well cute! Slip on a La Garçonne twirly skirt, some Minnie Mouse ears (why not?!) and a graphic bangle. If you have to be sensible, I'd suggest removing the Disney ears and slipping on some Jimmy Choo flats and a Chloé bag.

PS/ Have just rocketed into the "best girlfriend in the world" league. Get in!!!

Cricket. by hollieanne