Monday, 6 October 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for Wokmania.

I was educated tonight. I learnt something that will stick with me through all my life and prove to be a valuable life lesson. Tonight I learned that you should never, ever, ever allow students near a chocolate fountain! The thing is, the title of "mature student" means nothing when it comes to a river of cheap chocolate sauce.

We couldn't resist the unlimited ice-cream machine and nor could we resist plunging the ice-cream under the chocolate fountain and cheering like seals when the chocolate quickly solidified. I admit, as a group of people in our early 20s (well, almost for me), we used a five year old boy and his masterful handling of the flowing chocolate Heaven as our mentor. That kid knew how to do it!

I was one of the boys tonight. The girls among us aren't exactly girly girls and despite my dress loving appearance, I can handle my own. So I was on Fosters tonight. Yup, I drink pints when I'm with the lads and wine when I'm with the boyfriend (despite our rather long lasting relationship, I still want him to think I'm a classy bird!).

Selecting the outfit for Dressing For today required me to pick something feminine and yet edgy. I would probably sell my gran (if she were alive) for this silk D&G tartan blouse (I'm sensing a sell-out item...) and once paired with some classic black jeans, your outfit doesn't need much more apart from some sexy shoe-boots like these ones by ChloƩ. I've added a Butler and Wilson brooch (I adore Butler and Wilson!) and a pair of super cheap Claire's angel wing earrings. Finally, anyone fancy spending about a grand on this Roberto Cavalli leather shoulder bag for me? There's not much I wouldn't do...