Sunday, 12 October 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for fancy dress outfit shopping.

Tomorrow evening I'll be in fancy dress for the first time ever- yay! I've never been to a fancy dress party before (sad, I know) so I am so excited.

My mother and I spent a hurried afternoon rushing around the shopping centre and trying to source inspiration. Despite tomorrow evening being planned for months, we didn't quite get our act together so have had to settle for what we could grab today. But what we found wasn't bad at all!

So, when I go off and see The Hoosiers tomorrow evening, I'll be dressed as a 1950s house-wife. Not very inventive, I know, but I have a lecture in the morning and then a hospital appointment with very little time to change in between. So unless I wanted to meet my doctor tomorrow dressed as Superwoman/Amy Winehouse/a naughty nurse, I'll have to work with my own clothing.

My style is quite 50s feminine anyway so my favourite mustard and purple floral dress will come in perfect, teamed with my cupcake apron, rollers in my hair and all the added accessories of a duster, rubber gloves and a feather boa for good measure. I can't wait!

As the shopping was quite hurried today, I've picked an outfit that's perfect for a slouchy morning with magazines, pastries and Hollyoaks followed by a Sunday lunch and glass of wine with your bloke and then trying on wigs quickly in fancy dress stores.

I love this Charles Nolan silk blouse- it's the perfect piece for work and for weekend. I've paired it up with a pale pink cotton Miu Miu skirt, Topshop knee high grey socks and amazing geometric style ChloƩ leather flats. Finally, as well as the Topshop bag, I've gone for cupcake jewellery- hooray! I heart cupcakes and The Humming Bird Bakery in South Kensington is the place of my dreams. Oh how I miss it...

Fancy dress shopping. by hollieanne