Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for a new found love of evening classes.

I am exhausted today- essays, UCAS, working on my novel, doing some painting and reading stack loads of material on new media advertising.

However, my tiredness has nothing to do with not returning home until 11ish last night. I attended my evening class with a dash of anticipation and a venti caramel latte with an extra shot from Starbucks. Having been up since 6am yesterday morning, I was worried that I'd feel exhausted during my English Language evening class and not make too much of a good impression. But my word was I alive!

I loved the fact that there was hardly anyone standing in the corridors or waiting for the lift on campus come 5pm and the fact that it felt less of a chore as I was giving up my Hollyoaks time to be there out of choice.

From 5-9pm we actually studied the English language. I gained knowledge and wrote three sides of A4, unlike attending the morning lectures which I found unstructured and ill of interest. Hurray- long live feeling nervous as I walk through pitch black back streets on a Monday evening to catch my bus.

I've created Dressing For with the idea of attending an evening class and then meeting your bloke and his colleagues for a glass or two of red wine. My other half was out with friends last night and, I admit, I was daydreaming about joining him- full of zest, inspiration and ambition after my lecture. Sadly, by the time the train took the journey from Newcastle to Birmingham New Street, I feel he may have finished dinner (plus, his friend is also his super clever and super thin ex that scares me a little!). Anyway...

The look is casual, comfy and yet smart enough to make a decent impression. I like the fact that this Vanessa Bruno dress looks like something I might wear for bed, it looks so comfy! Add a pair of Converse for slightly nervous walking through town in the dark and a polkadot full skirt Topshop coat to brave the cold in style. Next, to add a little glam, use Chanel necklaces and a brooch to make your accessories do the talking and then a Marc by Marc Jacobs tote to store all your notes and a small bottle of perfume to freshen up. Ahh, the English language and wine- what a perfect dream.

Lecture. Wine bar. by hollieanne