Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for peppermint tea in the garden.

My days off are normally swarmed with freelance work, catching up with friends and planning on watching a DVD and having a nap and yet never doing it. Today was no different- editing, writing, phone calls and coffee. And I saw my father. But rather than spend the evening getting a headache from looking at my screen too much, I took time to relax outside.

Sunshine and warmth in the North of England is rare and when the opportunity arises to sit in the sun and unwind, everyone fits time in their schedule to do so. I sat in my garden, on the pink blanket used to curl up with my love on Thursday night, and lost myself in daydreams of weddings and dresses and shoes and cupcakes. I'm a girly girl, we all know this.

I also soaked myself in my favourite book (' A Good Girl Comes Undone' by Polly Williams) and flicked through Tatler as I sipped on peppermint tea and text MYB (my yummy bloke) to inform him of my rare evening delight. Needless to say, he was jealous!

The outfit I've picked for today is casual, pretty and perfect for spring walks. This stunning lemon dress is by Zac Posen and I've added a glamorous sun hat with gold trimming by Forever21. To complete the look, I've used a straw bag from ASOS, some Old Navy flip-flops and super fabulous ASOS sunnies. Hope you've had a gorgeous Tuesday, fashionistas!