Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for late night shopping.

Well, not so much late night but 6pm onwards. There's something I adore about going shopping "after hours". I love taking the car journey to the shopping centre and seeing all the cars in a jam going in the opposite direction as they fight their way through rush hour traffic and try to get home. I love the stress of the day vanishing as soon as I have a shoe store on my left and a lingerie shop on my right. I love seeing people in office wear hurrying to pick up a few things before heading home as I take my time and enjoy every second. I basically love to shop!

I've had a blissful day. I woke early this morning and baked my heart out in preparation for my father coming over. And he did. On time. I fear if I blog about it, it'll sound more and more like a dream and the acceptance he gave me today will feel like a scene from a movie. But it was perfect.

This evening, as a family, we went out in search of some pretty purchases, or perhaps it's more fair to say I dragged them out so I could try on heels! Now, I made a purchase tonight that I've had my eye on for ages. And, I think I'm right in saying, it may well be a controversial buy.

I bought a pair of white jeans. I know, I know, I'm not a size 8 and I bought white jeans- they look vile on everyone, right? Well, it actually appears that that fashion rule may be wrong. With the right cut and confidence, white jeans are actually easy to pull off. I love my pair, they're comfortable and fresh and I feel it's one step forward for all those women with wobbly tummies and jiggly thighs- we can look good in most things, it's all about confidence and knowing your boundaries!

So, in joy of said white jeans, I've gone for this Roberto Cavalli pair. I've teamed them with a simple black vest from Dorothy Perkins, a purple Crumpet cardigan and purple flats from Charlotte Russe. The bracelet beads and sweet earrings are from Forever21 and the cross body bag adds a splash of clashing colour and is available from Topshop. Hope you've had a great day, everyone!

Late night shopping.
Late night shopping. by hollieanne featuring Forever21 earrings