Saturday, 4 April 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for a lost voice.

Oh, here's me thinking that a good night of sleep would mean I'd wake up this morning and feel refreshed. I was most certainly wrong! I woke up late this morning with a killing headache, puffy eyes and a sore throat. When I wanted to feel refreshed with a steaming hot bath, I was told a water pipe had burst up the road which left out entire house smelling of eggs and made the water brown. Lovely!

My sore throat turned worse and I ended up losing my voice for several hours which certainly wasn't fun. I did manage to enjoy the sun a little, though, if only from my garden. I've spent my day writing, reading magazines and newspapers and the normal things which come along with a lazy Saturday. I'm now sat in bed listening to The Smiths- bliss!

Outfit time! Whenever I feel low- whether due to psychical illness or just being a little depressed- I really feel a great colourful outfit just adds that something to make you smile and feel a little better. I've become a bit of a fan of Dorothy Perkins fan tonight with this magenta cardigan, emerald tulip skirt and grey bag all coming from the High Street store. I've added grey Falke tights, grey pumps with chain detail from Primark and a gorgeous necklace available from ASOS. I hope you're having a great weekend, everyone!

I lost my voice.
I lost my voice. by hollieanne featuring Dorothy Perkins bags