Saturday, 11 April 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for being rather ill.

What a fabulous Easter weekend! Hope you lot are having a better time than I currently am, I'm sat here feeling more ill than I have done in a very long time and I have to admit that I'm slightly concerned. Google can be your worst enemy, can't it? You Google your illness and suddenly you manage to make yourself believe you've got three weeks to live. I need to stop self diagnosing.

My parents wanted to get me to the hospital tonight but I'm feeling so low, so tired and so sore that I just cannot manage the strength to get into the car and wait around in a cold hospital filled with drunks. However, my mother has managed to persuade me into going to the hospital tomorrow morning so I think I'll be up quite early and spending part of the day getting checked out. I'm sure I'll be fine but my kidneys really do not feel healthy.

So, what do you all have in store tomorrow? I want to hear all about your choccie filled day and beautiful mornings at church.

Outfit time. I have fallen in love with this chiffon tunic top by Diane von Furstenberg and this gorgeous See by ChloƩ bag. I've used some Topshop jeans and pretty lilac flats and a floral locket by Forever21. Finally, to complete the outfit, a light purple ring by Wet Seal.