Friday, 3 April 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for stripes and florals.

What a lovely day! Did you all enjoy the sunshine? I hope you managed to get out of the office, even if it was just to M&S for a sandwhich during your lunch hour.

I started the day off oddly, not wanting to drag myself out of bed come 10am after not getting to sleep until 4 this morning after romantic discussions and pretty daydreams. When I did manage to pull myself up and out of my slumber, I drank coffee and washed the exhaustion from my eyes with a bubble bath and BBC World Service.

When it came to getting dressed, I was in a bit of a rush after managing to lose the hairdryer for a bit and running around the house like mad. I had semi pre-planned an outfit last night though so pulled on a striped tee, a floral dress and some black tights and flats. My mid-morning rush caused me just to grab the nearest accessories and the result was rather fab with a Topshop corsage pinned at shoulder level and pretty pearls.

I spent my day completing one of my HEFC courses (hurrah!) and then went into Starbucks for an iced mocha, cookie and the latest copy of Instyle magazine. Simple pleasures are always the best and the sun is giving everyone a major boost.

The outfit today is inspired by my outfit. Should I post a pic of it? Hmm, perhaps tomorrow. The stripped tee is from Topshop, this beautiful skirt is by H&M and the pretty pink flats are by Miu Miu. Today, I grabbed my satchel and threw all my junk it; surprisingly, it really finished off my look. This satchel here to perfect to me and is by Proenza Schouler for a crazy $14,500. Do you think it's worth adding to my birthday wish list? Cheaper accessories are this Dorothy Perkins ring and Forever21 pearls.

Stripes and florals.
Stripes and florals. by hollieanne featuring Proenza Schouler shoulder bags