Sunday, 12 April 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for Easter.

Happy Easter, Everyone! How are you all? Feeling sick from too much chocolate? Luckily, I didn't start on the chocolate this morning so I'm going to indulge tonight with a few bites and a glass of wine. Yum!

I always find it interesting what people get up to at Easter. My atheist best friend sleeps all day (like any other day), my father takes to church and dives into the whole tradition, children binge on chocolate and receive money as if it were their birthday and I am but somewhere in between. I've never spoken about my religious beliefs, really, nor do I think I will to a full extent but I've found today very beautiful and very enjoyable.

However, one part of today that I didn't find lovely at all was falling over! I don't say it often but I cannot wait to move out- my brothers are driving me mad! My brother had left his bag in the front room and I went flying over the handle of it and almost hit my head on the radiator, I was crying with the shock. I now have one rather vile lump on my knee, pain in my back and bruises all over me. How lovely am I going to look on my date next week?!

OK, time for the fashion. I've gone for a Stella McCartney playsuit which is long enough to hide my lumps and bumps on my legs. I've added a tribal edge with some incredible Dries Van Noten heels, a scarf from Topshop and a Juicy Couture bag. The earrings are available from Forever21, the floral bangle is by Wet Seal and the coloured bangles are from Dorothy Perkins. Happy Easter, everyone!