Saturday, 25 April 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for booking her tattoo.

Oh my god, can you believe I just typed that? Can you believe I'm getting a tattoo on Tuesday at noon? My word. But speaking of believe, that's exactly what my tattoo shall be. Perfectly inked on my wrist, the word 'believe' will sit there as a reminder of the ups and downs of life and the most treasured phrase repeated by my mother: "Believe in yourself and believe things will get better".

Now, as I sit with my happy ending in the form of the most beautiful man alive and a career I totally adore, I trust her words more than ever. I do realise I'll always have a struggle with BPD but now- several months after feeling content and calm and as if BPD never existed- I know how to deal with it. I take every single minute as a treasure- I shouldn't be sitting here today- and I adore life, even if that just means reading the newspaper on my journey home.

I think self belief and belief in those around you is the most important value in life. You give up when you stop believing and, in an evening last June, I really did give up. But with the help of my mother, best friend, my darling man and those other people around me, I am now the most content girl alive. Perhaps this entry comes across as me gushing with happiness, even being smug, but I know a lot of you who read this blog can really understand what I mean by all this.

But, as many of my friends are thinking, what is this typical middle-class girl getting a tattoo for? Surely, the girl who votes Conservative and cannot wait to get married is against inking herself up? It's surprised me too, I must say, but it was my mother who suggested it and I want to give something positive back to my body which has dealt with so much psychical abuse in the past.

Finally, before we get onto the outfit, I'd like to say a HUGE thank-you to all who read the comment and contact with such lovely words. This is the 200th entry and Dressing For is my baby. The blog means a lot to me and the best thing is hearing all your sweet comments. I'm glad a lot of you get a lot out of Dressing For, I certainly do too!

Fashion o'clock? Go on then! I've picked this sweet 3/4 length sleeve striped dress from French Connection- it would really show off my little addition to my wrist. With it, I've added an Yves Saint Laurent chunky gold necklace, a ring by Forever21 and a rope bracelet from . The red sunglasses featured here can be found at , the cute nautical inspired bag is by APC Madras and costs £91 and, finally, these classic sandals are designed by the wonderful Sigerson Morrison.