Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for comfort, hope and reminders of all the nice things in life.

On my way home from my lecture this afternoon, I witnessed a man sitting on the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle with police surrounding him. One cannot help but look and I felt so much sympathy for the poor man. However, what left me disgusted and shocked were the conversations of how the "man [was] being selfish for holding up the traffic". My fellow bus travellers, most of them aged around fifty, couldn't help but vent their own appalling views.

Today I'm dressing for comfort. I've selected this stunning La Garconne coat and Charlotte Russe cardigan to add a feeling of being warm, safe and wrapped up. The iconic Louboutin heels make us stand tall and stay strong and who can resist the luxury of this Gucci bracelet and YSL lipstick?

Sometimes we all need to be reminded things will be OK.